Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quick catch up

Hi all, well Matt has been and gone and I think he had a good time and enjoyed his stay. I dont know if the planners and despatchers had anything to do with but but we got some really good trips so thanks to them. I have posted some of my favourite pics from Matt's visit. Hope you like them.

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didster7 said...

Hi Phil.
Glad to see you back at work and all is well, just found your blog again as when you were back home i lost touch with the blog, also got fed up with the crap on the forums.
Well i have finally done it,been here since may 2011, i am in New Brunswick working for an o/o pulling for midland, mainly stay on the east side, will keep an eye out for you and buy you a coffee,
Thanks for taking time out and talking to me, you are one of the reasons to keep my spirits up about coming over here, (after the crap on the forums). only been 2 1/2 months on the road but so far so good. Thanks again and glad to see you are well, will catch up with the blog and keep following from now on. take care caatch you soon Dave. (didster7)