Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quick catch up

Hi all, well Matt has been and gone and I think he had a good time and enjoyed his stay. I dont know if the planners and despatchers had anything to do with but but we got some really good trips so thanks to them. I have posted some of my favourite pics from Matt's visit. Hope you like them.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Matts here and so is the sun.

Matt had a good flight and on Saturday I was asked to take a different truck as mine had a multitude of faults and would not be out of the shop for at least a few days. After swapping some of my stuff over we set off bound for Laredo Texas. Stopped at US customs to get Matt a visa and headed south. There was nothing really exciting happened on the way down but for Matt it was all new. Stopped at every state sign we could and arrived in laredo to unload. Afetr almost 9hrs the US customs official arrived to break the seals and an hour later we were empty.
Reloaded out of Galveston TX and after spotting a sign on the shippers window headed up 14th street and parked virtually on the beach. Took an hour or so off and swam in the Gulf of Mexico. We saw some good sights on the way back north, downtown Houston and Dallas.
Parked in Limon Colorado at the minute as out of hours but will be leaving in the morning hopefully getting as far into Montana as possible and then into Calgary the following night.
new mexico
Casper WY 1
Big Texan AmarilloGaverston TX Wave Jumping
Gaverston TX
18oz, baked spud,coleslaw,toppings

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good weather and a steady run.

Well had a good run to Santa Fe Springs and a quick reload. Ran north and had 2 collections, loaded the first but the second had still to be chilled so I called it a night and loaded in the morning. The load is bound for Saskatoon SK and I had plenty of time to do it in.
One thing you notice about California is how clean and shiny the trucks are, everything is polished and gleaming, well except Piglet. The trucks can be washed at Lethbridge but the trailers come first and to be honest they are so busy that there is very little chance of having your truck cleaned. A new wash has been installed at Calgary which is a drive through one, now it’s ok as long as your truck isn’t that dirty, you know Its’ just a bit dusty as the wash only jets the water at the truck but also due to Freightliners build quality also all over the floor and inside of your windscreen and windows. So I have to confess I paid to have piglet scrubbed, yup…I know what you are thinking. Now, I have my standards as piglet is my home, she is nearly always spotless inside but to be perfectly honest when I drove into a customer’s premises or truck stop I was embarrassed and felt ashamed. So $35 later and after 6 guys scrubbed her she is nice and new again. It goes without saying that I will not be reimbursed for the wash but to me it’s worth every penny.
At the minute I am at Saskatoon waiting to deliver in the morning. The truck stop’s internet is down so this will be posted when I can next log on. Then fingers crossed its back to Calgary as I have Friday booked off as I have a visitor coming, my nephew is going to be with me for a month and he needs picking up from the airport.
Until next time, be good!!

Shiny truck
Traver California Bravo farmsTraver California Bravo farmsTraver California Bravo FarmsMontana, I thinkDust Calgary yard

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things are picking up.

Well, left Montreal with a trailer for Calgary but it would be far too easy for me to take that one so I did a switch in the Winnipeg yard with another trailer bound for Calgary ??? Highlights of the last few days are not only did I see 3 moose but also a black bear, sadly I wasn't quick enough with the camera so you will have to believe me.
Reset in Calgary and due to the truck not having a tripak the batteries had shut down and I ended up throwing all of my food from the fridge into the trash, what a waste. I really am beginning to think that the addition of another battery pack isn't such a good idea.
I was initially planned to run to Iowa but when I started the truck that had been changed to California so I picked up the trailer from the meat plant, crossed the border and headed south. The following night I parked at Nephi Utah and managed to get my first photos of lightning, I was very pleased.
I have to say that the weather is great, if not a little bit to warm. Today the temp hit 41c which you don't really notice with the air con on until you step outside and it hits you.
Stopped for lunch today at the Gold Strike casino, $6.99 for an all you can eat buffet so I pigged out on oven baked Tilapia with a butter and herb sauce, fried rice, stir fried chicken and a piece of lemon meringue to finish.
I also stopped at Peggy Sue's 50's Diner for a vanilla shake as well as to take some pics.
Parked at Barstow now with a 110 mile drive into LA in the morning. I hope the aircon holds up for the night, its 9pm and its still 35c.

Caught another "Woops" moment because I know you like them.
another woopsLightning Nephi Utah 2Lightning Nephi Utah 1
Peggy Sues 50s diner
Peggy Sue's
Peggy Sue's door

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Got rid of the load at last.

Finally got rid of that godforsaken load when I unloaded this morning at Montreal. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
Picked up a trailer in Montreal for Vancouver but dropping it in Calgary. I need to get my foot down a bit as Monday is day 14 for me and I will need a 24hr break, that is unless they send me south from Winnipeg as the last few days poor miles have given me hours back to be able to run again in the States.
No new pictures lately so these are from the trip to Nogales a few weeks ago.

Northern Arizonacactus flowersdry river bed arizona